Kansainvälisen vuosikokouksen lyhyt pöytäkirja

/, Kansainvälinen/Kansainvälisen vuosikokouksen lyhyt pöytäkirja

Kuten yleensä, Barbadoksella pidettiin kansainvälisen liiton vuosikokous (AGM). Tässä yhteenveto aiheista ja päätöksistä:

2014 Kiel – A very comprehensive presentation was made at the AGM by the Germans as a lead up to next year.

2015 Port Elizabeth. – At the AGM the South African proposal was receiving very, very, little support due to the time being proposed and the proposal even suggesting that very few races might be achievable in “Option 1” of their proposal. “Option 2” was only a couple of weeks later which incorporated  dates of immediately after Xmas and the New Year. This was also very un-popular.

We adjourned the AGM and consulted with the South Africans and made them aware of the potential for a very low entry. To their credit they responded to this concern and have now agreed to host the event in late March / early April 2015.  Angela Stenger and Johannes Tellen from Germany did the negotiations with Peter Funke. They made a very good presentation on behalf of the South Africans which was received very favourably and I’m certain ensures a very successful result for South Africa in 2015.

2016 – Weymouth , England. There were two proposals for 2016. Weymouth and Newport, Rhode Island USA. Weymouth won in a very close vote – 50 to Weymouth, 38 to Newport.


  • 2018 ois Fiven 50. vuosi suomessa…

    Hamppi 13.05.2013
  • Ja kuulemma oletkin asiaa jo lobannut tanskalaisille?

    Timo Vennonen 19.05.2013

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